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Our collaboration with Primo Exposures

Together with our partner Primo Exposures we realized the Amsterdam streetcolor project: color changing LED lighting adaptable to social situations. In Amsterdam, you'll find a high tech LED lighting system hanging above the Reguliersdwarsstraat and its alleys. The familiar view of the street has been preserved; the system was installed in the existing nostalgic fixtures. The color of the LED lighting adapts to the social situation and was developed by RENA Electronica, commissioned by our partner Primo Exposures.



RGBW high power LED boards, drivers and control from RENA were placed inside the existing fixtures. They change color according to the desired atmosphere on the street. From warm, ambient light to festive colours, and white for safety when the police or emergency services are forced to intervene.


To prevent the dark alleys from being used for unwanted business like public urination, the same LED lighting was placed there too. The boards are controlled wirelessly. For this project, RENA developed the driver board, wireless communication, cooling system and the LED board, which are all compatible with the existing fixture.



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