Brilliantly Inventive

At VDL RENA Electronica you will contribute towards the power of innovation. Together, we let our clients shine with the most innovative solutions in lighting and electronics.


VDL RENA Electronica is a fast-growing company where opportunities arise constantly. We encourage you to develop your skills within the familiar environment of a family business. 

What can VDL RENA Electronica offer you?

Regularity and certainty at VDL RENA Electronica

Regularity and certainty

Fixed working hours and a great team

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Challenge and recognition

Challenge and recognition

The opportunity to develop your talents

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A great start

A great start

The chance to let your talent grow

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Working environment at VDL RENA Electronica

Working environment

In origin, VDL RENA Electronica is a family company. VDL RENA Electronica has over 100 employees of different ages and more than 15 nationalities working together. This diversity - in combination with our buddy system on commencement - will make you feel right at home when you come work in the familiar environment that VDL RENA Electronica offers.

Education and personal growth

Education and
personal growth

VDL RENA Electronica is a company that finds its strength in innovation. We help our customers to stay innovative. We recognise trends in our work field and anticipate on them. As our colleague, you are part of this process of development and growth. VDL RENA Electronica works together with schools and universities. Will you grow with us?

Working conditions at VDL RENA Electronica

Working conditions

Our terms of employment are perfectly in order. For production personnel, we use the Metal & Technic collective agreement. VDL RENA Electronica has a young works council that originated from the initiative of our employees. These OR-members are incredibly dedicated and know the organisation from the inside and out. We value the input of our employees.

Flexible working at VDL RENA Electronica

Flexible working

Are you looking for a good balance between your work and private life? At VDL RENA Electronica, there are plenty of possibilities. In our production department, we work with different shifts, but there are also positions where you can choose to work part-time, work from home or flexibly plan your own schedule. Since continuity is important in a flexible environment, VDL RENA Electronica likes to work with people over 50 too, they bring composure and experience to the work floor.

The best of both worlds

From the heart of the province of Brabant, VDL RENA Electronica delivers products and services to clients from over 30 countries worldwide. Due to the 20 different nationalities of our employees, we recognise the culture and wishes of all our clients. VDL RENA Electronica offers you the best of both worlds: a job with international character, close to home.

Worldmap VDL RENA Electronica - The Netherlands

VDL RENA Electronica in a nutshell

VDL RENA Electronica has been an innovator in lighting and electronics for over 40 years. With and for our customers, our engineers invent and build every possible LED-solution. For the realisation and assembly of parts and products, VDL RENA Electronica has a state-of-the-art production and assembly location.


Thanks to intensive collaboration with customers and the unique combination of creation and production under one roof, VDL RENA Electronica grows fast.

Are you a go-getter and can you keep up with our growth? Take a look at our job openings!