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The Bits2Power lighting control system has

been developed to create a seamless integration between lighting, building management and entertainment systems. With Bits2Power, lighting can be dimmed stepless and smoothly, even down to the last 10%. Upto 4 colours (RGBW) can be fully controlled and each light point is addressed individually, without complex commissioning.


As input signals, DMX/RDM, DALI and Ethernet protocols can be applied. With the output signal LEDs, halogen and compact fluorescent can be controlled.


Non-proprietary protocol

Each light point only needs two wires for both power and 2-way communication, reducing installation cost significantly. Bits2Power applies non-proprietary protocol any system integrator, installer or luminaire manufacturer can use.

RENA Electronica B.V.

Gallery Bits2Power

<p>Bits2Power - PDC - Power Data Controller</p><p>Bits2Power - PDC boards inside</p><p>Bits2Power - Protocol Key DALI</p><p>Bits2Power - Driver 1-channel</p><p>Bits2Power - Driver 3-channel</p><p>Bits2Power - mini driver</p><p>Rena is proud to have contributed to the largest super yacht from the Netherlands. Our Bits2Power control system and custom made LED lighting units give simple control to the integral lighting installation and provide drama and atmosphere with architectural lighting.</p>

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