Industrial electronics

Our customers often come to us with an idea for a final product without exact specification for its control. We guide them in drawing up the specifications, after which we offer a solution and take care of everything from A to Z. That’s not only practical, it also saves in costs and ensures a streamlined production process for your product. You can even opt for drop shipment: supply management and delivery when you want it. You can find our solutions in such places as food sorting and vacuum packaging machines, security and home automation solutions, transport, dental and medical equipment, wellness and sanitary facilities, food heating and refrigeration.


< Experts in industrial electronics

  • One-stop-shop concept: engineering & production under one roof
  • Accessible communication with short lines
  • We are your sounding board: knowledge and advice
  • One stop shop: from design to production and shipment
  • The highest quality and robustness
  • 40 years of experience

The value of our knowledge >

VDL RENA Electronica’s specialists think along and can build on years of experience, so that we can offer you solid advice on material, software, hardware, casing and production options. This all leads to a tailor-made and distinguishing product, which results in more revenue for your growing company. Preferably, we get on board once you have a product idea, sometimes even before the first design gets made. This allows you to focus on growth: new products, new vision.

< Software

The heart of the functionality and ease of control of a product is its embedded software. Our software engineers are excellent in constructing a logical software structure which enables the full functionality of your product. We offer you total freedom in determining what we develop for you and what you wish to take care of yourself. That is why we always develop the embedded base software, allowing you to choose to create any application software you want later or if you prefer to let us take care of that as well. We manage and document the software for you, making future adjustments quick and efficient without requiring your attention.


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Ebian Tempelaars, Business Development Manager

Ebian Tempelaars
Business Development Manager
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