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Light is a production resource in horticulture and agriculture. Light is as important to a crop as water and nutrition, and we understand that. VDL RENA Electronica is active in multiple growing industries, and horticulture is among the largest of them. From product idea to serial production, we are happy to deliver. You can build on our years of experience. That allows you to focus on what truly matters: your product and your customers.


< Experts in Horticulture

  • Highly efficient and robust IP67 light sources
  • Understanding of what variation in light can mean for crops
  • Years of experience
  • Flexible in light sources and light recipes
  • Component supply and short lead times
  • Reliable
  • Precision application of potting, coating and glue
  • Configure to order

Robust >

When you can’t do without light, it has to work under all circumstances. That is why we work hard every day to provide the absolute best quality. The horticulture luminaires assembled by us are extremely robust and meet the IP67 and other norms. The quality of the LED boards is high and our specialism in the potting, coating and gluing of light sources and armatures results in reliable products with a long lifespan. This protects the products from external circumstances for minimum downtime and maximum production.

< High diversity

Each crop requires a different light recipe. We are flexible in producing a high diversity in light sources and light recipes. Our production lines can operate in shifts, making us flexible and allowing us to meet seasonal demand or project-based peaks. Our constant component supply shortens our lead times. We can also compose and calculate the light recipe at your request.

Efficient growing light >

It is a fact that investing in LED lighting really does pay off. Dutch growers are innovative and realise that an investment in specialised LED lighting increases revenue and contributes to a higher productivity. We realise the highest energy savings with the most efficient lighting solution, based on light output and colour. Together with our engineers, we create a product that is perfectly attuned to the crop. From product idea to serial production, from design to full assembly, we offer it all.


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Ebian Tempelaars, Business Development Manager

Ebian Tempelaars
Business Development Manager
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