VDL RENA Electronica develops and produces high-end industrial electronics solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. You can find our products in professional vacuum systems, dental and medical equipment, food sorting equipment and refrigeration and heating systems. VDL RENA Electronica develops both hardware and software and produces subassemblies, including casing, wiring and protective coating or potting on demand.


< Control electronics

VDL RENA Electronica is a supplier of electronic controls. We produce embedded electronic controls, including GUI and integrated software, among other things. VDL RENA Electronica has employed specialised developers for hardware, electronic routing and embedded software. Testing facilities, production and assembly are all in-house. We even develop and apply product-specific sealing technology. If you see challenging possibilities, then we are happy to think along from the project kick-off.

Lighting electronics >

We also provide customer-specific electronics for luminaires, integrated in the LED print or separately as driver. For the rapidly developing LED types, we make use daily of the existing knowledge of electronics and software to create an optimised lighting system again and again. Years of experience in the field of thermal aspects, ageing components and brief product lifespans all find their use here. Lighting electronics can be supplied both on an LED print and separately in a casing if the application so requires.

< 40 years of innovation

Long before VDL RENA Electronica further specialised in LED lighting, we developed and produced customer-specific electronic prints for a wide range of activities. We help our customers to be innovative. For example, by employing touch panels and displays, management through special embedded software, Bluetooth, NFC or Wi-Fi modules, developed by our in-house specialists. Our years of experience also allow us to be reliable and guarantee the best quality for our products. Please feel free to sit down with us and discuss your ideas.


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Ebian Tempelaars, Business Development Manager

Ebian Tempelaars
Business Development Manager
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