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Integrity is one of our pillars. We never share confidential or sensitive information regarding your company or products with third parties. However, we have received permission to show a glimpse of our work in these reference projects. Below, we and our customers tell you about previous projects, experiences, partnerships and success stories. Will your story be next?


< Rohl

Rohl is a big player in the street lighting market. With their innovative designs and personal approach, they never fail to deliver high-end lighting solutions. Rohl, Future Electronics and VDL RENA Electronica formed a partnership in 2013 and just finished another project together: the renovation of the famous Annie Cordy tunnel in Brussels, which is the longest tunnel in Belgium.

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Schréder >

Schréder and VDL RENA Electronica have been collaborating on lighting projects in urban and street lighting since 2007. A while ago we completed a project together in which we joined forces by renewing the street lighting in the center of Uden, using existing fixtures and innovative techniques.

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< Henkelman

Henkelman Vacuum Systems and VDL RENA Electronica have been working on innovative and user-friendly control panels for professional food vacuum systems since 1994. You find these machines in large kitchens, at butchers, in elderly homes or at the cheese market. Vacuuming food extends its shelf life. Time to visit our ever-growing customer. 

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Hortilux >

When searching for a reliable partner for the production of 3 new innovative luminaires, lighting specialist Hortilux – who develops, manufactures and installs supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry – came across VDL RENA Electronica. VDL RENA Electronica is the party to call when it comes to developing and producing lighting and electronics for any OEM company.

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< Primo Exposures

Amsterdam streetcolor project: color changing LED lighting adaptable to social situations. In Amsterdam, you'll find a high tech LED lighting system hanging above the Reguliersdwarsstraat and its alleys. The familiar view of the street has been preserved; the system was installed in the existing nostalgic fixtures. The color of the LED lighting adapts to the social situation and was developed by VDL RENA Electronica, commissioned by our partner Primo Exposures.

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Indoor Market Hall >

Project: Indoor Market Hall “Markthal”, Rotterdam, NL

Architect: MVRDV

Light design: Har Hollands

VDL RENA Electronica contribution: Vincent lines + custom made LED spotlights & downlighters + Bits2Power

< Bridge of Peace

Project: Bridge of Peace ,Tbilisi, Georgia

Architect: Michele de Lucchi

Light design: Focal Design, Primo Exposures

VDL RENA Electronica contribution: Vincent Line, Led2Grid, Bits2Power

Photography: Ivane Goliadze


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