VDL RENA Electronica houses the knowledge and expertise to allow companies in all types of industries to meet the most diverse market demands. These capabilities let your product idea develop into the serial production of a reliable high quality product. All our skills together create our unique mix of engineering and production, allowing us to be a one-stop-shop for our customers.


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Each VDL RENA Electronica solution originates from our engineering department. It is essential that we understand the need of the customer so we can translate it into an innovative, reliable and high-quality product. By choosing a partnership relation and by focussing on cocreation, VDL RENA Electronica helps its customers to distinguish themselves on the market. This requires expertise, flexibility and quality. To create products with added value, our team of in-house engineers possesses a wide range of specialisations. From (LED) system architecture, optics and light sources to electronics and mechanics, and from thermal management and pre-compliance testing to software and industrialisation.

Mechanical design & management

Every aspect of a product is designed in detail. During the design phase, we already focus on preventing critical elements. Dimensions, choice of materials, strength calculation, construction, heat management, mechanical load, as well as obsolete management: they are all essential components that can make or break a product. Our engineers guarantee that the physical design of a product meets all your requirements.

Software design & management

More and more functionality is provided by software rather than hardware. That is why our engineers are specialised in embedded software and control software for smart electronics. Our knowledge of programming user interfaces, control and communication protocols such as DMX, Dali, BLE, mesh, etc. ensures that we can provide custom embedded software for your product.

PCBA Production

Our smart factory is capable of producing the most innovative PCB designs. The latest SMT line works with an innovative pick & place technology and with the Hermes-standard for machine-to-machine communication, allowing us to work even more efficiently. The production lines are organised to take on both low and high volumes. By making use of extensive automation and smart controls, we can change products incredibly fast. For the information service of our own factory, we use our own software. This software gives us real-time insight into the supply regarding the production processes. In addition, we apply new technologies such as smart watches and augmented reality.


Not a single product will start its journey through our company before it is extensively tested. Once we have the specifications for your project ready, we develop prototypes that we thoroughly test for various aspects, such as thermal management and light yield, and that we subject to X-ray and functional testing. Our production creation process has multiple milestones built-in, so that we can determine the follow-up process together with our customer. We are equipped with our personal EMC setup and other very comprehensive testing capabilities.

Product Assembly

VDL RENA Electronica offers the possibility to accommodate the assembly of your luminaires or electronics with us, including the full management of the supply chain. Our production process has a flexible structure, allowing it to meet the wishes of our (OEM) customers, and in which we aim for a long-term relation. In concrete terms, this means that we can support you during the luminaire development in such a way that your product is assembled as cost-effective as possible. Our production makes use of innovative technology, SMT machines and manual electromechanical assembly, wave soldering, coating and potting.

Potting, gluing & coating

VDL RENA Electronica excels in the field of potting, (conformal) coating and gluing components and luminaires. Many of our products are created to function in harsh and hazardous environments. Whether it is sand, two-component silicone, polyurethane or epoxy: we determine the best-suited custom solution based on specifications and together with you to protect your product from moisture, dust, chemicals or extreme temperatures. During the production process, our specialized (chemical) engineering team, together with our quality and test team, will ensure the safety and long lifetime of the product. Depending on the volume and your wishes, we can apply potting, glue and coating both manually and fully automated.

Quality Control

We are grateful that customers choose VDL RENA Electronica thanks to the reliability and quality of our products. That is why we work hard on this promise of quality every single day. Our quality control starts when the components enter our warehouse. During the production process, we strictly monitor variables and intervene immediately when necessary. And before a product leaves our warehouse, 100% of the products undergo an outgoing quality inspection. Our extensive quality management system ensures that our products meet all administrative, cosmetic, functional and mechanical requirements. VDL RENA Electronica has many certifications, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, UL/cULus/IECEE, ENEC and we prepare products for their ATEX-certification.

Supply Chain

As we are a one-stop-shop, we can take care of everything from A to Z. You outsource for a reason: to allow your company to stay focused on the front-end, while non-key activities are fully provided by VDL RENA Electronica. Our Supply Chain and Warehouse are fully equipped to do so. Both incoming and outgoing quality control takes place in-house. Some of our customers even prefer to outsource drop shipment to VDL RENA Electronica: supply management and delivery whenever you need it.

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