Harsh & hazardous environments

Sometimes you need electronics or lighting at the least accessible locations and under strictly regulated conditions. We are a specialist in industries where safety is key, such as the offshore industry and other harsh and hazardous environments. Equipment and lighting in these conditions have to be resistant to salt, explosion hazards, rain, movement, heat and cold. Products that leave our building have undergone extensive testing and meet the highest of quality requirements and standards (including ATEX). That is why you can find our lighting and electronics at locations such as drilling platforms at sea.


< Experts in harsh & hazardous environments

  • Application of special potting, coating and gluing techniques
  • Robust lighting with extremely long lifespan
  • Assembly of complete armatures and drivers
  • Fully explosion-proof  products and semi-finished products
  • Suited for ATEX-certification
  • Over 15 years of experience in the industry
  • Specialized engineering team
  • Pre-compliance testing

Covering >

We can cover the entire development and production process of lighting and electronics products. Our engineers have ample experience with complex specifications, such as in explosion-proof and offshore applications. Lighting and controls are designed and produced in-house and are fully prepared for ATEX-certification. Safety and reliability of the product always come first for RENA.

< Potting

When it comes to potting, our knowledge can be considered unique. Whether it is sand, two-component silicones, polyurethane or epoxy: we determine the best-suited solution together with you. During the production process, our specialized (chemical) engineering team, together with our quality and test team, will constantly ensure the safety and long lifetime of the product.


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Jorrit Huis in 't Veld
Business Development Manager
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