VDL RENA Electronica offers the possibility to accommodate the assembly of your luminaires or electronics with us, including the full management of the supply chain. From the first mock-up models to prototypes and testing, and from the 0-series production for fairs and certification up to mass production. By outsourcing the production and assembly of luminaires, you save time, are ensured a reliable product and you can focus on your front-end without distractions.


< From idea to serial production

Our production process has a flexible structure, allowing it to meet the wishes of our (OEM) customers, and in which we aim for a long-term relation. In concrete terms, this means that we can support you during the luminaire development in such a way that your product is assembled as cost-effective as possible. Our production makes use of innovative technology, SMT machines and manual electromechanical assembly, wave soldering, coating and potting. Our engineers are always closely involved with the production process and are happy to discuss the best solution with you.

Intensive partnership >

Most customers choose to outsource (parts of) their production and assembly to VDL RENA Electronica. As a result, we produce hundreds to thousands of luminaires for growth light specialists every year. These products allow growers to let their crops grow as efficient as possible year-round. Design brand Moooi also chose to take on VDL RENA Electronica as partner for bringing to life their technical challenges in an innovative manner. For both companies, quality and short communication lines play a crucial role. Would you like to know more? Feel free to schedule an appointment to come view our production facility and to meet our specialists.

< Flexibility

Together, we decide to use our existing, flexible assembly setup and process or if we opt for a customer-specific solution and create an assembly that fits your specific requirements. Our lines can operate in shift work, increasing our flexibility and allowing us to meet seasonal demand or project-based peaks.


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Ebian Tempelaars, Business Development Manager

Ebian Tempelaars
Business Development Manager
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