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Solutions for design & architectural lighting are developed and executed in line with the vision and specification of light designers and architects. Designed after your demand, with flexibility, reliability and innovation as strengths. From full assembly and production of design lighting to architectural outdoor lighting, from bridges to façades: our specialists always develop custom light or electronics solutions.


< Experts in design & architecture

  • Accessible and honest communication
  • Reliable, robust quality
  • Flexible one-stop-shop partnership
  • Precision assembly
  • Special projects turnkey delivered on location
  • Relieved of all aspects from A to Z

Production & full assembly design lighting >

RENA offers Design for Manufacturing, production of design lighting and the assembly of design luminaires all under the same roof. We like to view ourselves as one-stop-shop and as sparring partner: our engineers assist in the full process starting from the very product idea. From there, we take care of the entire production process, up until setting up the supply chain. Our engineers are closely involved in the production process, which allows them to adapt quickly.

< Flexible partnership

This synergy results in an efficient and flexible partnership, in which accessibility and communication play a large role. That way, you can fully focus on growth and new ideas. One of our best-known customers in this segment is Moooi, to which we deliver a wide range of products for their extensive line of designer lighting.Some materials are difficult to glue or made weatherproof. Our specialised engineers think with you and ensure that the correct adjustments are made. The result is always a high-end product.

Turnkey special projects >

When possible, RENA makes use of configurable and proven building blocks to limit costs and lead times. We can also develop special products to allow you to realise your vision on light designs. RENA delivers turnkey on location for Special Projects (excluding installation). This is how RENA was given the chance to grant various buildings their shine, including the impressive Markthal, the famous and large living and shopping complex right in the centre of Rotterdam. This project made use of the efficient custom-made LED spots and LED lines designed and produced by RENA.


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Business Development Manager
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