Light Engines

From façade to drilling platform, from luxury yacht to impressive bridge: the energy-efficient, custom-made LED-lighting by RENA can be found at diverse locations, providing safety, comfort and mood everywhere. PCB’s are assembled with LEDS in our Smart Factory, finished with optics if desired, made resistant to external conditions, integrated into a semi-finished product or complete luminaire and more.


< Made in Holland

This is all done in-house: from development and prototyping to testing, releasing and production. Whether we create applications in general indoor and outdoor lighting, entertainment and theatres or for complex specifications, such as explosion-proof and offshore applications, we possess the knowledge and experience to deliver a high-quality product for any project. Everything is custom-made and developed in-house at our locations in Zundert. We wear this ‘Made in Holland’ label with pride.

From PCBA to full assembly >

We provide solutions at any level: from PCBAs to subassembly, to full assembly and system integration. We also produce drivers under the same roof. The majority of our customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Can we help you let your customers shine? Please feel free to contact us.

< LED prints

LED lighting makes up a fair share of our portfolio. Reliability, quality and innovation are important core values that characterise RENA. We develop and produce customer-specific LED prints:

  • in mid & high-power LEDs
  • with & without optics
  • with & without drivers or connectors
  • with your brand name - under the RENA brand - without label
  • design – prototyping – testing - production
  • with & without specially composed coating


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Jamal el Kadouri, Business Development Manager

Jamal el Kadouri
Business Development Manager
Tel. +31 - (0)76 - 599 5995