Design for manufacturing

We design, develop, test and produce all lighting and electronics solutions in-house. Everything is custom-made and co-developed with our customers. You decide on the level of integration: from LED boards and control panels to fully assembled luminaires. We realise this with our team of engineers, specialised in hardware design, electronic routing, embedded software, mechanisation, testing, chemicals and much more. As our engineers are involved in the entire production process, quickly adapting is second nature to us.


< Design of all system aspects

  • System Architecture
  • LED light sources
  • Optics
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal
  • Software
  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Industrialisation

Constant optimisation >

We develop and apply parts, components and products with the goal of producing high-quality solutions for a good price. Our team ensures that the introduction of new products in the factory proceeds smoothly. We are also constantly optimising and innovating our production process. In this way, we make sure that production and assembly runs as efficiently as possible.

< Control & integrity

We follow a product creation process with milestones, allowing you to keep track of progress and to keep control over the costs. We highly value transparency: you are always welcome to come visit us. Of course, you can safely share your technical specifications and innovative ideas on our table. It goes without saying that we treat competition-sensitive information with the greatest integrity.


Engineering Mechanical design & management Software design & management PCBA Production Testing Product Assembly Potting & Coating Quality Control Supply Chain

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Ebian Tempelaars, Business Development Manager

Ebian Tempelaars
Business Development Manager
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