If we say our products travel the globe, we mean that quite literally. Our solutions can be found on freighters and superyachts. As supplier to prominent shipyards and installers, our products meet the highest standards. For this industry, RENA supplies modules, electronics and drives that are safe in use and easy to install. If desired, we can develop custom systems, for electronics as well as lighting.


< Experts in marine

  • Robust solutions with long lifespan
  • Over 15 years of proven technology
  • Custom-made to your demands
  • Simple installation: reduction in costs
  • Made in Holland: only the highest quality

Robust & reliable >

You can find our lighting systems on superyachts up to 140 meters long. When such a ship is out on the Caribbean Sea, it is impossible to imagine it should return to the shipyard for servicing. So it speaks for itself that drivers and lighting have to be extremely reliable under these circumstances. We achieve this by making use of unique state of the art design and product-specific sealing technology, protecting the product against all manner of external factors. The developers at RENA are also experienced in reworking existing designs to let them meet various safety standards.

< Bits2Power (B2P)

Our 2-wire Bits2Power light control system was developed as the seamless integration of lighting, electronics management and entertainment systems. Bits2Power allows lighting to be dimmed highly phased, without increments. You can fully control up to 4 colours (RGBW) and each light source can be controlled individually without complex commissioning. The simple installation significantly limits installation costs. Bits2Power makes use of a freely applicable protocol that can be used by any system integrator, installer or luminaire manufacturer.


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Jorrit Huis in 't Veld
Business Development Manager
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