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Notre collaboration avec Schréder

Innovative human centric outdoor lighting

Schréder and RENA have been collaborating on lighting projects in urban and street lighting since 2007. A while ago we completed a project together in which we joined forces by renewing the street lighting in the center of Uden, using existing fixtures and innovative techniques. 


Rob Megens, Schréder Nederland
Rob Megens, Schréder Nederland

"It all starts with the design of the lighting architect," says Rob Megens, Area Sales Manager at Schréder Netherlands. He has been the regular contact for RENA for a number of years and can therefore be found in Zundert every once in a while. "We used our Albany fixtures for the project in Uden. The design and historical silhouette fit well with the city, and together with RENA we gave an innovative twist to an existing luminaire."


Street lighting tailored for every situation

The municipality of Uden and lighting architect came up with a lighting plan that revolves around changing lighting situations throughout the seasons. It can even take the human biorhythm into account. "In collaboration with RENA, we have applied tunable white lighting, which moves with the visitors," Rob explains. "The fixture produces multiple colors of light: amber coloured light emphasizes the atmosphere and is suitable for the holidays, while colder white light can for example be used in the summer months and in the early morning." In nightlife areas, there is also the option of using 'sweeping lighting': bright, cold light appears to be very effective in preventing people from lingering on the street for too long.

Amber coloured light emphasizes the atmosphere and is suitable for the holidays, while colder white light can be used in the summer months.


Animal Centric Lighting to protect the environment

The application of tunable white is still relatively new in street lighting, but Rob sees that there is an increasing demand for it. "The project in Uden contributes to development and innovation in our field. I also see that these types of applications are being used to protect flora and fauna, so called "animal centric lighting". Certain bat species and badgers do not thrive in white light, but suffer little from amber light. For certain bicycle routes, a municipality can therefore choose to make a moving light design. The white light goes along with the cyclist with the help of a sensor, and then fades back to amber light."


Partner in custom made designs

Schréder develops all kinds of high-end applications for cities, roads and industry, among others. RENA is a welcome partner when it comes to specials. "At the start of the Uden project, we first developed the board design ourselves, but we did not have the option of alternately placing amber-colored and white LEDs next to each other in such a short period of time. That is why we went to RENA to tackle the development together. The RENA engineers made a light calculation and ensured that the board was suitable for the specification of our luminaires. The conversations went smoothly. Initially we delivered our Albany luminaires to RENA and they took over the complete assembly. In the new phase of the project, Schréder will purchase the boards from RENA. Fortunately, RENA is very flexible about this, which works well."




A partner who can switch fast and think along

Rob continues: "For specials, we benefit from a partner who can switch fast and think along with us. It also enables trust that RENA thinks along about the long term. We assume 100,000 burning hours for our outdoor lighting. That’s about 20 years. We need a partner who can deliver high quality and think along with us in sustainable solutions."


Partnerschap tussen RENA en Schréder Nederland

Good feeling and transparency

Why does Schréder actually choose RENA? Rob: "It’s a feeling. I have been to other parties that have similar capabilities, but these companies didn't appeal to me like RENA does. A mentality of doing, instead of talking endlessly. "Niet lullen, maar poetsen" as we would say in Dutch. Furthermore, RENA was immediately very open. We are allowed to see everything and can even walk through the production facilities. What is also positive is the speed of action. When I contact RENA for a custom PCB, I'll generally receive it within six weeks. The cooperation is amazing, RENA switches quickly and therefore RENA helps us win at our customers. It also makes a difference that RENA is up to speed in innovation, like with tunable white lighting. Creating a completely new lighting concept can easily take a full year, but RENA was already set to go.

We benefit from a partner who can switch quickly and think along with us.


The future of the partnership

"We are working on many new things with RENA. We'll soon deliver a project in which we will convert a certain type of floodlight to RGBW lighting, with additional control. There are many special luminaires where not just any standard retrofit LED module is available, and that is where RENA comes into play. We benefit from short communication lines. Actually, we never have any problems with RENA, and if something arises, we know it'll be fixed. Schréder is known for their good aftersales and problem solving. RENA and Schréder complement each other perfectly in this area." Rob adds: "We always say that a complaint is a second chance. If you solve that properly, the rest will follow automatically!"


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