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Our partner Pharos about the Amsterdam Streetcolour Project

Our partner Pharos about the Amsterdam Streetcolour Project

Inleiding bericht: Our partner Pharos Architectural Controls writes about the Amsterdam Streetcolour Project we worked on in collaboration with Marco de Boer Primo Exposures. Continue to read the article.

The visitors and residents of Amsterdam welcome the night with the new dynamic street-lighting system.

We all know the infamous streets of Amsterdam, Reguliersdwarsstraat is well-known for all the individual attractions within the nightlife district. The Business Investing Zone (BIZ) of Reguliersdwarsstraat Amsterdam approached Marco de Boer of Primo Exposures to design a system that could dynamically follow the “social situation” with festive and exciting colour schemes but also with bright white security lighting when needed to support law enforcement.


This would initially first, act as a pilot to test the extent of human behavior and how it can be influenced by public street lighting. But also to help reduce the nuisance and crime in these areas and not to forget to lift the mood and atmosphere of the entire area.


The streets of Reguliersdwarsstraat fell under UNESCO, this meant that the use of the existing nostalgic streetlight fixtures had to be maintained.


To create the dynamic colour-changing lighting system, the engineers of Primo Exposures and Rena Electronica redesigned the interior of the existing luminaires, by replacing it with the latest generation of RGBW fixtures for high-quality output and uniform light with; 12,000Lm and 4000Lm output.


The fixtures are connected by a durable wireless W-DMX scheme. A Pharos LPC 1 is accessible via a SIM card modem and can control each luminaire which is programmed separately from any desired location.

The Programming

In collaboration with the local residents, many businesses and visitors, Primo Exposures have been able to develop a lighting scene that refers to the principle of Human Centric Lighting – where the colour and intensity are considered for the psychological and biological well being to develop the lighting scenes.


Different wavelengths of light are vital. Using Pharos Designer software the lighting is programmed for lower visible wavelengths (blue-cold) after closing hours to encourage visitors to leave the area. Colours with a higher wavelengths (red-warm), which are more pleasant and welcoming are chosen during opening hours.


Special scenes have been created using the Pharos Designer software to build excitement and to engage with the atmosphere on public holidays such as Kings day, Amsterdam Pride, Christmas and Sponsor events.


Phase one of the test is now complete and has been presented to the city council. Both the residents and business owners surrounding the area are very enthusiastic about the effect this lighting will have on the neighbourhood. With the new lighting in place, visitors who once before stayed caused havoc in the streets after closing hours will now leave the premises swiftly.


Multiple colour variations are shown before closing hours and at special events. For brands and sponsorers that use the eateries of Reguliersdwarsstraat as a location to socialise, the street lights can be triggered to display their very own brand colours. For example, visitors of the RAI exhibition center attending nearby restaurants would see the street lights programmed to RAI’s primary brand colours.


The RGBW street-colour project has had a positive impact on the residents and visitors of the city center, after all the hard work, the feedback has been very positive!


Project Credits: PRIMO EXPOSURES, Rena Electronica, WirelessDMX

Photo Credits: © PRIMO EXPOSURES by Marco De Boer

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