In 1981, VDL RENA ELECTRONICA is founded by René Geerts as a family company. He initially focusses on electronic control of light and sound installations, such as illuminated disco floors. Before long, controlling light and music is supplemented with controlling other professional equipment in industries such as the medical industry, food industry and agriculture and horticulture.


In the early nineties, VDL RENA ELECTRONICA also starts operating in the entertainment industry: the company produces electronic (software) control for attractions in amusement park Speelstad Oranje. The company grows, adds personnel, and constructs a new building at de Ambachten in Zundert. In the late nineties, VDL RENA ELECTRONICA becomes one of the pioneers in the field of electronic prints including the placement of LEDs.


In 2013, the company is acquired by a private investor from Canada. He sees a lot of potential for growth in VDL RENA ELECTRONICA, which has put itself on the map as specialist in electronics and lighting. The machine park is expanded to meet the global standard, and a new engineering location and a high-tech production and assembly location become a fact. In addition, VDL RENA ELECTRONICA grows internationally: by now we supply products to over 25 countries. For example, we deliver electronics and lighting for oil platforms, horticulture, the design industry, ocean-going vessels and windmills at sea. And we are pretty proud on the role we still play in the entertainment industry.


Early 2020, a long-cherished wish is fulfilled and VDL RENA ELECTRONICA becomes united, with the arrival of a new office and production location at Industrieweg 13.


In 2023, we became a proud member of the VDL Groep. This family-owned group of companies strengthens its position in the high-quality electronics market with the acquisition of RENA Electronica. This cooperation goes hand in hand with our new name: VDL RENA Electronica.


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