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Production of LED lighting results in expansion at RENA

Production of LED lighting results in expansion at RENA

(translation of a Dutch article that you can find here)


Lighting specialist Hortilux develops a.o. sustainable and efficient LED lighting for greenhouse horticulture. They turned to RENA Electronica for the production and assembly of 3 new innovative luminaires.

This means a considerable expansion of production capacity and employment at the company in Zundert.

Development and production of high quality LED solutions and industrial electronics: an area of expertise for RENA Electronica for thirty-five years. When searching for a reliable partner for the production of 3 new models, Hortilux – who develops, manufactures and installs supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry – came across RENA.


Sustainable and efficient

In the last couple of years, more and more companies in greenhouse horticulture switch (partly) to LED fixtures as growing lights for their crop production and that is not surprising at all: the advantages are numerous compared to conventional lighting (HPS-lights). For example, LED lights only use 2/3 of the energy needed for HPS lights. Furthermore, LED lights produce less heat, which allows the lights to be on longer during the day. This is a very interesting option for growers, especially in countries with high energy prices.


Different wave lengths

Another big advantage of LED lighting is its efficiency. Traditional lighting is hard to control; LEDs make it possible to exactly determine the most efficient wave length. During the first growing phase, many plants need blue light in order to grow. At a later stage, they especially need red light for the development of the fruit. LED lights can be adjusted very precisely to meet the specific needs in all growing phases.


Three models

The 3 LED fixtures, introduced by Hortilux earlier this year, can be used in any way possible by the greenhouse horticulture:

  • The HORTILED Top is intended to light production crop from above, simulating daylight.
  • The HORTILED Inter is specially designed to light in between the crop at streched plants like tomatoes or cucumbers
  • The HORTILED Multi is the ideal LED fixture for growing perrenial plants in chambers without day light, multi-layer cultivation and research centers.


Substantial expansion

Development and engineering of the 3 light fixtures took place at Hortilux for the most part. RENA was involved in an early development stage concerning the design for manufacturing. RENA is now – after a worldwide introduction in January – completely responsible for production and assembly of the HORTILED product line. At the end of 2015 RENA opened a new production facility nearby in Zundert. In addition, production of the 3 models from the HORTILED range will lead to new jobs for 20 additional employees (on top of the approx. 75 employees who are already working at RENA).


Author: Joost Peters


(translation of a Dutch article that you can find here)

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